arrive with a smile – help with each mile

It's not just our clients who're smiling.

The INTERLINE chauffeur and limousine service drives for charitable projects and organisations.


Our idea:

Over a period of 12 weeks we will donate 1 cent for every kilometre we drive in Germany to a pre-selected charitable organisation or to a charity project. These can be projects that support children or other people in need, the sick, peace or environmental projects, and support for the elderly, for example. At the end of the 12-week period, we pick another charity.

Our aim is to give financial support to worthy projects and to draw people's attention to problems and other social injustices.

Our motivation:

We'd like to contribute some of our success to making the world a better place. Because we work in the field of luxury, comfort and successful individuals, we see it as our duty to spare a thought to people who have difficulties in covering their basic needs and to help them in some small way to improve their situation.

Even organisations that contribute to the common good need our help and support – on the one hand financially and on the other hand by creating awareness for the problems they're working towards solving.

Our solution:

After choosing a project we'd like to support, we count the number of kilometres each of our limousines, minivans and buses cover over a period of 12 weeks. The invoices we send to our clients give us a pretty clear idea of the number of kilometres we've covered, so we can use this to calculate the total amount of our donation. Counters with details of the project we're currently supporting show the current number of kilometres covered and the amount we're donating. These counters are also displayed on our websites and social media pages. While our counters can't display every single kilometre covered as it actually happens, we update them at regular intervals.

At the end of the 12-week period for each specific project, the distance our vehicles covered is converted to a donation amount that we then hand over to the project in question.

If you like any of our projects, you're more than welcome to make a personal / additional donation to support the project.

Click here for details of the project we're currently supporting in German. You'll also find the related bank details and other information.